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How to Earn More

Here are proven strategies and resources you can use to increase your commissions at Music44. Of course, not all of them may be appropriate for you and your website. Some require music-specific knowledge. Others do not. So you can opt to employ just a few simple techniques, or you could apply them all and generate huge commissions. Just keep in mind, the more of this you do, the more you will earn!

  1. Post our Search Box
  2. Provide useful, relevant information
  3. Create your own Music ValuePacks
  4. Make links easy to see and read
  5. Create PowerLinks
  6. Use Image and Text Links together
  7. Create lots of links, place them above the "fold"
  8. Recommend specific products
  9. Recommend "must-have" products
  10. Recommend a series or category of products
  11. Increase your website traffic
  12. Verify that your links are working

  1. Post our Search Box Link on your website. Whether your site is a music-related site on not, you can and should use the Search Box Links. It instantly transforms your site into a "sheet music portal" to all of the best-selling sheet music and music books in print. Customers always appreciate an effective search tool. Include the Search Box link on several our your pages, or better yet, work it into the header or sidebar so it appears on every page of your site. We have a whole page of Search Boxes
  2. Provide useful, relevant information. If you have a music-related website, amplify your website's credibility further by offering useful information or specific advice related to music, sheet music and/or music books. This often results in a higher ranking by major search engines, too, as they are always content hungry. For example, you could offer some online music lessons, or simply create an index of links to music lessons found elsewhere! At the end of each lesson, add some links to more information on the subject. Link directly to specific music books at Music44 using Product PowerLinks, or Search PowerLinks. Of course, this presumes you have some knowledge of the area of study, and can determine that the books have material relevant to the lesson. Here is a good example: Guitar Lesson Articles - Warming Up. (Notice the links at the bottom of the page.)
  3. Create your own Music ValuePacks. If you have an area of specific musical knowledge, either about an instrument or line of music book products, put your knowledge to work for you by creating your own exclusive Music ValuePacks! These are collections of complementary products that are "custom created" by Music44 affiliates. Music ValuePacks are proven to achieve higher sales, as they make it easier for customers to buy everything they need all at once. Create a pack for each skill level, each budget, and each area of interest that is relevant to your website and/or your unique knowledge base. Locate your package links prominently at your website because each package sold sells a larger number of products. Please read Package Secrets Revealed to learn more about package design and promotion, as well as how to use our "PackageTool" to create packages quickly and easily. It's as easy as adding products to a shopping cart!
  4. Make links easy to see and read. This is rather obvious, but you might be surprised at how many websites could actually do a lot better here. Make sure your color scheme has a good contrast and make sure the text size is not excessively small. Excessively large HTML text is also not a good idea, as it looks relatively unprofessional by todayís web standards.
  5. Create PowerLinks. We have a wide variety of very powerful linking methods. You can read about them in How To Make PowerLinks. The more of these links you use, the more convenience you will give your visitors, and the more they will buy. We also have convenient HTML LinkGenerators. Use them to quickly create the all links you need. They are as simple as copy-and-paste.
  6. Use Image and Text Links together. Use image links in combination with text links. This dramatically increases the number of customers who click through to Music44 And the more who do, the more who will buy, and the more commissions you will earn.
  7. Create lots of links, place them above the "fold". Create numerous links instead of just one or two in order to increase click-throughs. Place links on multiple pages. You can use our regular Links as well as PowerLinks in specifically relevant content areas. Also, place links high enough on the page so that customers can see them without having to scroll. This will increase the number of click-throughs. Try to make links appear in an 800 x 600 monitor without scrolling.
  8. Recommend specific products. If your site offers music advice or instrument instruction, choose several of your favorite, most highly recommended instruction methods and create a "recommended items" page. Write some short descriptive reviews. Why is this your favorite? What is particularly good or effective about it? Who is it likely to benefit from it? Who is it not best suited to? This is important to build your credibility, telling customers not only what to buy, but what NOT to buy. Be honest and give real information; donít hype. But on the other hand, donít be afraid to show your enthusiasm if itís real. Make it exciting! Here is an example: Troy Stetina Guitar Book Recommendations.
  9. Recommend "must-have" products. For the customers who are really excited about your area of interest, create a list of products that you feel the customer needs in order to do or achieve something, and explain why he/she needs them. You might list "required" album transcriptions for a certain style of music or for a certain artist. For fans of a particular guitarist, for example, what are his/her best works? Best songs? What transcription books contain them? Guide the customers to each product using Product PowerLinks,
  10. Recommend a series or category of products. Recommend a series or category of products. Next to EVERY product that you point out and link directly to, you could add a second link to the entire category of products in that series falls within by using Category PowerLinks. For example, under a particular Guitar Signature Licks book you like, you add a link to ALL Guitar Signature Licks books. Explain what is good about the series or why it is important. You could also for example list all products by a certain artist or author. Explain what is unique about them. Link to all these products with a Search PowerLinks. People will appreciate hearing your opinions about products before they buy. Remember, there are many people out there searching, and YOU just may have just that bit of experience or "inside information" that they need to make a better buying decision.
  11. Increase your website traffic. More visitors to your website means more customers and more sales. Most visitors arrive from search engines (e.g., Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.). So ranking highly in the search engines for keywords that are relevant to your site is highly desirable. And itís not always as hard as it might seem. The first step is to identify the important keywords that describe or define your site, and which people are likely to use to locate your website. Then you optimize your web pages for those specific keywords, which is a fancy way of saying you make sure those keywords appear in your content (text) a lot. Try to work important keywords into your page headers, and into the text of the pages themselves. Then you can submit your web pages to the search engines for listing. Fortunately, there are software tools that make this easy to do.
    • The Overture Search Tool shows the number search people did in a month for a given search term. This gives insight into the relative popularity of different search terms. Of course, the more popular a term is, the more competitive it is likely to be. (More competition means your website may not show up on the first page of search results.) It might be better to be #1 on a few less competitive terms than to be #101 on one very competitive term. Still, donít hesitate to include relevant, popular search terms.
    • The Addweb software suite is a comprehensive software tool. It analyzes your pages to show search engines ranking. It has a feature that submits your web pages to search engines and portals. It also has advanced features.
    • You can increase traffic by cross-linking. Find websites similar to your own. Ask the owners to post links to your website. You can post links to theirs.
    • Join webrings to increase visitors to your website. A group of sites with similar subject matter display a unique Webring code. That allows visitors to navigate quickly from site to site within the Ring. One popular ring is You can join several rings, rather than just one. If you find a Ring that is relevant to your site, navigate through the member sites where you will find more rings to join.
  12. Verify that your links are working. Once every four to six weeks, click on your links to check and see if they are working properly and displaying the correct items. In particular, the PowerLinks to individual products need to be checked from time to time, as some products are occasionally discontinued. When that happens, they are remove from Music44. It's rare but it happens.

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