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Welcome to the Music44 Affiliate Program!

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How to Get Started

To sign up as an affiliate takes about 5 minutes.

  • Enter some information including your name, email, the address where we should send your checks, your website or blog URL, and choose a password. Read over the affiliate agreement and click "submit". Your account is active immediately, however, we do review accounts to determine that they are appropriate.
  • The next step is to paste a link into your webpage. A search box is the preferred linking method because it is better and even easier to deploy. Just go to our sheet music search boxes page. If you are logged into your Affiliate account, your Affiliate ID will automatically be inserted into all the codes. All you need do is copy the code of the searchbox you choose, and paste it into your webpage!
  • Finally you can also create text and/or image links specific products, search results pages, the Music44 homepage, and more. For step by step directions, see Making Powerlinks.
Strategies that Work
1. If you want the quick and easy method, just add a searchbox to your webpage, directing visitors to try a search here if they would like to find any published music book or sheet music. This is powerful because it turns your webpage into a "sheet music portal". This can be done in less than 5 minutes.

2. If you are a teacher with experience using various books and series with your students, recommend the items you like and use most. Post your insights about the product. Who it is best suited for? Why do you use it? What interests and styles does it cover? Then you can include product links directly to those items. You can even make Buy One Now links that add the item to the visitors shopping cart and put them into the first page of checkout. You may also want the searchbox on your page as well.

If you are a student or just play for fun, you can still recommend the books you like. You don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion! Did you like this one more than another title? Why? What is better about it? Add a product link to that item, or maybe use a search link or category link to display an entire series that you enjoy. People want to hear the views and experience of other players!

4. In addition you can also build packs, which we display on Music44 not only to your referred visitors but to all Music44 traffic. You don’t have to be an expert here, either. You just need some experience using the books and products. Is there a series of books you like, but no packages on Music44 that include them? Or maybe you have a special interest in jazz piano artists. How about building a few packages that center on the music of these "essential artists"? Maybe you play guitar and love the music of Metallica. You could create the "Best Of" packages for that individual artist. Read on to learn how to build packs…

ValuePacks are collections of products. These are valuable because they organize the products better and simplify the buying process, plus offer an extra discount. Perhaps you have already purchased a ValuePack from us?

There are two ways you make money with ValuePacks. First, you can create links to send visitors directly to your packs. You can describe them, review them, etc., just as with products. But technically these links are called package links and the code for them is slightly different. By building packs, you will have larger sales and therefore bigger Standard Commissions. But it gets much better...

When Music44 visitors from other non-affiliate sources buy a pack that you designed, you are paid an additional "Residual Commission". In other words, when we sell ValuePacks you created, we pay you for these un-referred sales, in addition to your referred sales. And make no mistake, we sell a lot of packs!

How to Create Your Packs
A lot of useful advice for how to build packs—what types of products to choose and how to arrange them—can be found here. To actually make the packs is fairly simple. It is just like buying items at checkout.

  • Log in to your affiliate account
  • Click the store header to go to the Music44 homepage, and navigate to a product you want to include in the pack. (The SearchTool is the fastest method to find items. For more insight into how to find anything within a few clicks, read Find Your Music Fast!)
  • Click the "Add to Package" button. (This is where you would normally see "Add to Shopping Cart". But when you are logged in as an affiliate, it changes to "Add to Package".)
  • Navigate to a second and third product and add them as well. Packages must have at least 3 items. If you want to remove an item in your package, or need to correct the quantity of a title, click "Package Contents" in the header menu. (This is where you would normally see "View Cart".)
  • When you are finished adding items, click the yellow "PackageTool" button in the header menu. (This where you would normally see "Checkout". But when you are logged in as an affiliate, it changes to "PackageTool".)
  • Now, give a unique and descriptive title to your package, along with a description. Add keywords separated by spaces in the keywords field. These keywords are used to match your packs to customer searches, so your packages will be displayed in search results on the far right column. Your packages are also automatically displayed on the far right column of each product page that is within your package.
  • Finally, add an image to your package. The easiest method is to simply grab the cover image of one of the products within that package. Open a new browser window, navigate to the product page with the correct image. Right click the image and select "properties". Copy the full url location given for that image. Then paste it into the image field.
  • Now click "Create New Package" at the bottom of the PackageTool page.

A more complete step by step set of directions for building packages can be found here. Also, if you have any unanswered questions, please see our Affiliate FAQ.

Trouble? Help is Here
If you have any trouble or questions about links or getting the right code, or you would like us to check it to make sure it’s done right, please email us. We want you to succeed!

At Music44, You are in Charge
You can keep it simple and start collecting commissions in as little as 10 minutes, or you can go as deep as you like. Why do we go to such lengths? Because we recognize that a quality affiliate system is a win/win/win all around—for our customers, our affiliates, and our business. That’s why we built the most powerful affiliate system in the industry.

Whether you are a teacher, a student, or you just play music for fun on your own, Music44 makes it easy to turn your knowledge into cash!

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